today is the day !

so for several months now, I have been researching self betterment, and working on investing in myself… or so I say. But when it comes to actually taking a leap, or spending money towards it, I always back out. “ugh, I don’t have $ to waste on this program, this conference, or this book..” yet, catch myself doing a lot of unnecessary spending on other things, and a lot of time wasted looking for free stuff.

This is it. Today is the day that I’m committing to myself. I’m going to buy the program. I’m going to take the step. It’s time to move out of my moms house !! lol

I’ll let you guys know how it goes.
If anyone is interested in the program I am doing, let me know.

& If you know of ANY online self help programs or books, PLEASE comment .

❤ Haley


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