if you haven’t heard of AirBnb, what are you even doing?!

there is NO better way to travel – I’m convinced .. unless It’s free, of course 😉

I also have a friend who makes an extra $300 a weekend renting out her place while she stays with her boyfriend; which she probably would be anyways. HOW EASY is that?!

So, if you are living in some closet, Airbnb is a travel service where you can rent a spare bed, room, or even a whole house or apartment anywhere around the world. In my opinion, you get a better, more realistic feel of the place you are visiting, and its oftentimes cheaper than staying in a hotel!

Each time I have traveled using Airbnb has been a great experience, and the owner’s of the home usually leave information on local attractions.

I will share some of my favorite Airbnb’s with you guys soon.

here is a really cool article highlighting some unique places

Comment some of your fav’s 



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