What’s your go to outfit?

I would just LOVE to lounge around all day in comfy clothes. I mean we all have that one pair of sweats or yoga pants that we can’t live without…am I right?

So, I’m going out to eat with my roomies and the first thing everyone asks is…. “what are you wearing?” pretty typical right? So are we being cute or dressy dressy….Tonight, I’m going to keep it simple.


So what’s my go to outfit for just getting cute and not trying to get dressy? Think basic, so tonight…dark blue jeans, white turtle neck, and tan boots dressed up with a jacket. I’m not sure where all of you live, but in Charlotte, it might as well be freezing for people who aren’t use to feet of snow, or even inches. Staying warm AND looking cute while wearing affordable clothing!

You can always dress up basic wears to be cute while not being “so basic”. Adding jewelry or a pop of color in shoes can turn the most basic outfit into something to die for. The best thing about going simple is you can get that EVERYWHERE. Everything I’m wearing can be bought at target and Forever 21, all affordable stores.

What’s your go to outfit?

❤ Jade


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