Dress For Less: Fave Affordable Store Options

Hey guys! One of my favorite pastimes is shopping. Pretty standard girl thing I know. If you guys are like me, you spend too much of your money on clothes. My closet is currently FILLED with clothes, some that have never been worn. In order to keep up with my shopping addiction, I have a few stores that are faves of mine because they are not only fashionable but very affordable. They have everything from the basics to something to wear on a night out to that special event you’ve been planning.

Im sure your guys have heard of them but my top three are Forever21, Windsor, and Love Culture. They are all a mix of different styles that can help with any type of fashion mood you’re in or trend you’re trying to find. They all have shops and accessories as well. I’ve shopped so much in these stores that I can easily shop online because I know the sizes so well, it’s kind of embarrassing.


When you guys are in the mood to shop, what are some of your favorite places? I’m always looking for new places to check out and add to my list!

♥ Jade


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