Mt Mitchell on a cloudy day — don’t


So one of my best friends, I, and our boyfriends planned a trip to Mount Mitchell for this past weekend – about 2 months ago. Of course we didn’t take the weather into consideration, nor were we going to let that change our trip either way.

In case you have never heard of Mount Mitchell – it is known for being the highest peak East of the Mississippi river. The summit reaches 6,684 feet and was inspiration for one of the nation’s first state parks. I did tons of research before going and was so excited for the view. Even more exciting – you can drive up most of it.


We literally had to catch the views between the rolling clouds- otherwise, everything was WHITE. We were in pure fog. It was so depressing driving the Blue Ridge Parkway and not even being able to see outside of the car, just knowing the beautiful scenery we were missing.


Although we could only see clouds in every direction – that did NOT stop our fun. After all, it was actually supposed to rain all weekend. So at least we didn’t get much rain. We stayed in the CUTEST airbnb – with a huge deck, wood burning stove, fire pit, and a HOT TUB! surrounded by gorgeous mountains, which of course we could only see in brief intervals -___-


hot tub.JPG

Our host, Raven, left us a bottle of wine & firewood for the wood burning stove and fire pit upon arrival. There was even a calwfoot tub, with epsom salt, bubble bath and candles. Anything you could think of – was there! other than cable and a clear view. And to top it off – everything was ORGANIC. Everything! from the spices to the laundry detergent. By far one of the best airbnb experiences I’ve stayed had.

wood stove.PNG                              tub.jpg

The surroundings were indescribable. The neighbors were sheep and cows .. and a lady named Cynthia that doesn’t appear to ever leave her camper-home up on the mountain (judging by the trash she had thrown all in the woods). The backyard was a Certified Wildlife Habitat, so you know I had to explore. There was a stream that ran all the way from the top of the mountain, alongside the yard, that sounded so peaceful. There’s nothing like the sound of fresh, flowing water.


habitat (2).JPG

I definitely learned to check for cloudy weather in the future – when planning a mountain trip. Not that I feel the trip was wasted — we had a blast! But I wouldn’t want to go to the mountains again without experiencing the view. I definitely plan to return, to capture the full affect. I imagine the drive to be breathtaking and it was only a 300 yard walk to the viewing deck from the parking lot.


Click HERE if you’d like to stay at Raven’s Cabin.
tell her I sent you 🙂

comment your fav places to stay and things to do while visiting the mountains



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