Not Your Average “Stay-cation”


Typically, when you think of a “staycation”, you actually go somewhere other than the place that you live. Well this weekend was a little different.As you all know, I don’t post much on the Travel section of the blog, but this weekend Jade and Jane were actually together for a change! So I definitely think the occasion deserves a post.


While I didn’t personally do any traveling, Haley (Jane), and a few of my other friends did. My birthday is coming up and what better way to celebrate than to have all of your friends come into town! I was excited to show my friends a good time in Charlotte for the weekend for my favorite day of the year….MY BIRTHDAY!


I don’t typically like to plan everything out, but this weekend was different. I wanted everything to go perfect for my birthday, so of course I spent some time planning. Friday, I spent the day with a friend, who’s name is also Jade. I got my nails done, we went shopping.. typical girls day. That night I planned to bar hop in the Epicentre but we ended up staying at Vault the whole time. Friday was perfect! On Saturday, I Initially wanted to go to Ink N Ivy, which is this newer restaurant/bar in Uptown…fail. They didn’t do reservations and there were over 11 of us trying to eat out at 9 pm on a Saturday. So we went with Essex Bar & Bistro. While the reservations got messed up – and by messed up I mean scheduled for next weekend – they did do their best to accommodate us after the fact. After 45 minutes of waiting for a table, we received free appetizers and they even brought out additional food or us to try as we were waiting. So overall dinner plans went well…. then came the night. Long story short, nothing went my way and I complained a WHOLE lot, but with that being said…”it’s my party and ill cry if I want to”. There has never been a better quote for an occasion haha. We didnt even get a group pic!! or really any photos, for that matter. Nothing went as planned BUT I didn’t let it ruin my weekend.


I had one shot left at making things right — Sunday. It was 77 degrees in February, so naturally I wanted to be outside all day! We spent the day walking around Uptown, stopped by Romare Bearden Park, ate at Mellow Mushroom and drank some beer. Later that evening, after my friends had all left, I attended a day party at Levant, which is a pretty new club; it was a good time.


The weekend was filled with ups and downs but overall I had a good time, and it was nice to have my friends together. I guess over planning doesn’t always work out.
I’m back to going with the flow.
After all, less planning equals less expectations.. right?

Have you guys ever experienced birthday plans that didn’t work out as planned?



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