CharLIT — a change of scenery


This weekend was completely different from our normal outdoor adventures. For my friend Jade’s birthday, we ventured our way to Charlotte- the largest city in North Carolina. I didn’t plan to blog about this weekend, and it was a little hectic, so I didn’t get that many photos. I didn’t even bring my gopro! Which seems to be my new thing (being forgetful).

JADEEE.JPGFriday, one of my friends, our boyfriends, and myself (from Mt Mitchell blog) had planned to go out on a double date for dinner, and meet our other friend Jade and her friend uptown afterwards. We ate at Hot Taco  – $2 tacos, YUM! Long story short – we didn’t get in town until late, because of leaving after work- then got too full and exhausted do anything else. We decided to call it a night, since we had a busy weekend ahead.

I got the opportunity to meet my boyfriends’ Dads’ side of the family. Including his adorable 4-year old brother (who looks JUST like him), his grandmother, and great-grandmother (who is 94!). On Saturday, we went out to lunch at Denny’s, then went to The Boardwalk. There’s this neat little area of shops by a lake, where you can rent paddle boats, and feed the geese.

Saturday night, the guys hungout, and we had plans to go to dinner and out for our friend Jade’s birthday. It’s safe to say that nothing went as planned on Saturday night. No one wanted to go to the restaurant that Jade wanted to go to, and the reservation that she made at Essex was actually booked for next weekend, somehow. So after 45 minutes of waiting to be seated, we were offered a couple of free appetizers, so that was nice, at least.


When it came time to go out – everyone was frustrated, especially Jade. No one was trying to do any of the things we had previously discussed, we got kicked out of an Uber, it was just a shit show. After finally deciding to just go to the Epicenter (which we probably should have done straight from dinner) it was nearly 1:30. Then there came the issue of “I’m not paying to get in somewhere for 30 minutes” – understandable.  I felt so bad for Jade all night.

Come Sunday, I just wanted something to go right for Jade, so my boyfriend and I took her out for lunch. We sat outside and ate pizza and got a pitcher of beer at Mellow Mushroom, and stopped by Romare Bearden park. It was 70 degrees in February, what better of a day to do some walking around the city.



Overall, it wasn’t a bad weekend. It was much different from my normal, outdoor adventures, but it was great to get together with friends. To hear Jade’s side of the story, check out her blog post.

What is your favorite activity to do in the city?

❤ Haley


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