Music to my Ears: My Current Top 10 Songs

2017-03-09 12.52.23

If you’re like me, music can get you through ANYTHING! If I’m feeling sad, happy, studying, getting ready, or even need motivation, I can turn to music for help. Music can be a great form of therapy or just a way to pass time.

Even though it was super hard to do, I narrowed my list down to my top 10.


10. 24K Magic- Bruno Mars

9. Cant Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake

8. Deja Vu- J. Cole

7. Like I’m Gonna Lose You- Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend

6. Party- Chris Brown

5. Love on the Brain- Rihanna

4. Shape of You- Ed Sheeran

3. Bad and Bougee- Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert

2. Shining- DJ Khaled ft. Beyonce & Jay Z

1. Location- Khalid

Although they might seem a little random and all over the place, I could listen to these songs all day. There are different songs that can get you through different things. I challenge all of you to listen to your favorite songs when you’re going through anything in life. I guarantee it will make your day brighter! The key is picking the right songs for the right moods. Going through a heartbreak? Maybe slower love songs help you out…or they can just depress you and if thats the case just switch up the beat! It works everytime!

What type of music do you guys like to listen to that gets you through the day?

♥ Jade


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