Meet Jade…


Hi Loves, I’m Jade, a simple young adult trying to figure this thing called life out while living in Charlotte, NC. I am your typical girl that wants to share my passions and addictions with beauty, fashion, ideas and creations, favorite products, and simply just my own thoughts and interests. I have a makeup collection and passion that seems to grow by the minute, so I always find myself watching (or really stalking) MUA on Youtube or Instagram and practicing on friends or even myself just so I can add to my ever growing selfie pile. I’m really not your average blogger, sometimes I just need to vent. I’m looking forward to chatting with you guys along the journey!

Personal blog: http://beautysoullife.wixsite.com/bsxo


3 thoughts on “Jade

  1. Dee says:

    Hello ms. Jade I wanted to let u know I I think someone is using your picture on Facebook and from what I see on your ig is not the name on Facebook but some pictures are the same not trying to be all in your business just letting u know .


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